About Me


Picture of Luke PammantHello, my name is Luke Pammant. I was born in Bristol, England and moved to Denver, Colorado six years later. I am a freelance Software Engineer and Visual Effects Artist based out of Denver, Colorado.

I graduated from the Art Institute of Colorado with a Bachelor of Art in Visual Effects and Motion Graphics. I have worked on many kinds of projects ranging from matte painting and rotoscoping in short films to creating motion graphics introductions for online webisodes.

I have been developing in C#, JavaScript, and HTML5  for the past 3 years. I have architected and developed several enterprise software applications completely from the backend to the front end. I have designed SQL Server databases from the ground up, including indexes, constraints and PK/FK relationships. I have also written import mechanisms using SSIS to import data Excel spreadsheets into the application’s database and stored procedures to normalize the data for use by the application.

I fill the majority of my free time on personal projects such as Chronos and Sheep. By setting up these projects I have greatly accelerated my learning by creating projects that I look forward to working on.

I love giving back to the community that has given so much to me in my early stages of VFX and programming development. I plan to be posting a slew of video tutorials and code snippets to help the next generation of artists and coders.