Chronos Beta is up!


Hello everybody! It’s been a very long time since my last post. I have been busy programming a browser base resource management game. Think Clan Wars meets Kings Age meets OGame but in HTML5/JavaScript on the client side and C#/MVC/EntityFramework on the back end.

At long last I have a beta of Chronos up and running!

I mostly took this project on as a personal learning experience since I had recently been promoted in my day job to a developer and honestly didn’t know the first thing about development!

The game has come a long way since my first alpha test and I feel that it is now a playable Beta. I would appreciate any questions/comments/critiques! There is a lot more that I would like to do with it but the first thing that needs to be done is to make it FUN! Please feel free to post on the Chronos Forums. I will be updating the forums regularly with bug fixes and features. I will also make an attempt to update this blog seeing as how Chronos is basically my life outside of work.

You can sign up and play the Chronos Beta at

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