Chronos patch v1.2

Loyal beta testers,

I want to first start off by saying THANK YOU so much for taking the time to play/test Chronos. Your feedback has been invaluable to the development of Chronos and I will continue to strive to build the game that YOU want to play.
In an effort to level the playing field I have wiped the database clean, ready for a fresh start. Everyone will start back at level one and you will need to re-create your accounts (sorry! I will try to find a better way of doing this in the future).
Some key features to this patch:
  1. New movement system based off of Fuel/Instant Warp.
    • You will notice a Green/Red bar to the left of your captains portrait that will indicate how much Fuel you currently have.
    • If you have enough fuel to instantly warp to your destination it will use the fuel and you will instantly be teleported to the location. Otherwise it will use all the fuel you can to get you as close as possible and then being the normal travel speed after that (30 seconds per unit)
  2. Scout Probes
    • Right click on a location to bring up the menu and click on “Deploy Scout Probe” this will send out a scout probe for 100 metal that will reveal the surrounding area. These scout probe move much quicker than your fleet (5sec/unit) and reveal a large area surrounding it. You can click on the “Radar Range” button at the bottom left to reveal the borders of your radar (you may have to zoom out to see them)
    • Scout probes only last for 24 hours so be sure to use them wisely
  3. Timers to indicate movement time.
    • These timers will count down to the completion time of the ‘Warp’ for the fleet or the deployment of the scout probe
  4. Several other bug fixes have been rolled up into the patch as well. I will post some specifics on the forums if anyone is interested.
As always, please keep in mind that this is a Beta (perhaps just a late Alpha even) so there are plenty of bugs! Please feel free to email the bugs to me directly or report them on the forums over at You can also post suggestions/requests here.
Thank you all, once again, for your patience and for taking the time to play Chronos! Now get out there, man your battle stations, and conquer!
Sincerely – your benevolent, magnificent, omnipotent creator of the universe,

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