First patch to Chronos

Last night I was up wee hours patching Chronos. I had fixed many bugs, added features, and re-structured some of the base level classes. As with any patching process I tested and tested until I was certain everything would go well. I apparently was mistaken…

When performing the data migration I over looked the fact that on my local development machine I was rebuilding the database every time I made a change. This cause an issue do to the “re-structuring” part that I had mentioned above. Long story short – I had to go through the database and find the missing bits of information that was not accounted for in the migration and fix it myself. I also had to re-link several foreign key relationships.

Lesson to learn here:

  1. Do no count on Entity Framework Code First Migrations for everything. While this tool is amazing it would be worth taking a look into how it works and adding custom code to do the re-linking upon deployment
  2. Deployment late at night can be both a good thing and a bad thing. Good thing is that no one was playing when I broke everything! Bad thing is that I was up late fixing silly mistakes.


New features added to Chronos

  1. Player based leader boards
  2. Structures that can deal damage and participate in defense of asteroids/planets
  3. Personal allegiances and enemies
  4. Ship prerequisites. (i.e. You need a level 2 hanger to build a bomber, etc.)
  5. You are limited to the amount of asteroids you can have by your player level. One asteroid per level, one planet per 5 levels.

That sums it up for now. Patch notes can be found on the Chronos Forums. Stay posted for more updates on Chronos!

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