Planetside 2 anyone?

What is Planetside 2? It is an MMOFPS (massively multilayer online first person shooter). I’m sure you’ve heard of World of Warcraft. Well take the amount of people playing in one server on there and put them in a futuristic FPS and you have PS2! Its a lot like a futuristic Battlefield 3 on steroids. Better yet – Its FREE! Free to download and Free to play! You can choose to pay a monthly fee if you want some nifty exp boosts. Or you can buy Station Cash to exchange for weapons in game. But by no means do you need to do so. Anything available to a paying player will be available to the hard working free player.

You have 3 races duking it out on 3 different continents trying to gain territory in a tug-of-war style land grab. Personally I’ve fallen in love with the Vanu Sovereignty. Their no-bullet drop on sniper rifles is amazing. Upgrade to the one head-shot kill V10 and you have yourself a deadly sniper!

There are 5 different classes, 3 different types of air vehicles and 4 different land vehicles. Each race also has a unique vehicle.

My favorite part thus far is flying. I’ve pimped out my Scythe and gotten some upgrades. The Light PPA with night vision will demolish any infantry on the screen. Night vision makes them stick out like a sore thumb. Nothing can escape. Check out some quick gameplay I recorded the other night:


I’ve been playing Planetside 2 during the closed beta and  I gotta say that its come a long ways! My buddy and I used to play the first Planetside way back in the day but it was laggy and once they started releasing expansion packs for it it really went down hill.

If you haven’t had a chance to check out Planetside yet I highly suggest you do!

If you DO choose to play you can find me owning the skies on the server Genudine. Send me a friend request – my name is LukeP.


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