Ship Warz an adventure in HTML5 game development (Part 1)

ShipWarz V1.0
After 15 minutes of waiting… one “ship” finally made it over to the other side!

After passing my Microsoft Exam 70-480 (HTML5, CSS, JavaScript) I decided to dabble around a bit more with JavaScript the new canvas HTML5 element.

I have always wanted to create a space battle particle simulation using PFlow in 3d Studio Max when I was in college but I’d never gotten around to it. I figured that I could go ahead and create something similar with HTML5 canvas. After following this brilliant tutorial on particles in canvas with JavaScript I decided to extend my new found knowledge!

Thus, without further ado, I present to you, a simple particle system that make red and green squares that jiggle around randomly. They also make explosions if they hit the side wall… no, they don’t battle each other… yet!

Click here for Ship Warz V1.0
Click here for the code in JSFiddle

Future plans are:

  1. Create collision detection so they can engage in epic battles!
  2. Add variants of ship types
  3. Add an objective
  4. Anything else people think would be fun